Flower bands: a pest control tool in vegetable greenhouses

The establishment of bands or patches of flowers in greenhouses can promote natural enemies of crops, complementing other preventive measures and the use of plant protection products.

Choosing the right species at the right time and in the right places ensures food and shelter for a diverse community of natural enemies. The selection of suitable plant species depends on the crops grown, their main pests and the natural enemies available to combat these pests.

To find out more, read the technical sheet here. Flower strips: a tool for pest controlin greenhouses‘  developed in the Greenresilient project – Organic and biodynamic plant production in a low-energy greenhouse – sustainable, resilient and innovative food production systems, which took place between 2018 and 2021. The main objective of this Greenresilient project was to demonstrate that the agroecological approach to greenhouse production is viable and allows the creation of robust agroecosystems in different European zones.

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