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New Organic Planet (NOP), is a company based in Funchal and has, among other activities in the areas of sustainability, research work related to organic farming. NOP leads the PROBIOMADEIRA research project for the development of organic farming on the Island.

This project is funded by “PROCIÊNCIA 2020”, a support program of the Institute of Business Development (IDE) of the Autonomous Region of Madeira. One of its objectives is to increase scientific production and promote new products and new businesses, creating collaborative structures in order to foster entrepreneurship and opportunities between the business and institutional sectors.

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PROBIOMADEIRA is a project developed within the scope of PROCIÊNCIA 2020, Incentive System for the Production of Scientific and Technological Knowledge of the Autonomous Region of Madeira, a support program of the Institute of Business Development (IDE). PROBIOMADEIRA will make a sustained and robust assessment for defining the main guidelines necessary for the organization and regulation of the production and marketing sector in organic production mode.

In this perspective, and with soils of high fertility being one of the mandatory conditions for successful production, their evaluation, as well as the identification of sources of organic matter and distribution throughout the island will be studied.

The proposal of methods and practices adapted for the maintenance and / or increase of fertility and other soil conservation and management practices, as well as the production cycles and suitability of crops, which will prove to be of greater economic interest in the region.

A Definição das linhas orientadoras para o desenvolvimento de uma plataforma que congregue toda a fileira de produção em modo de produção biológico na ilha.A Produção de um manual de boas práticas para a conservação e fertilidade dos solos da Madeira (em papel na forma de brochura e on line).



PROBIOMADEIRA is a research project in collaboration with the Regional Secretariat for Agriculture and Rural Development, University of Madeira, Escola Superior Agrária de Coimbra and Agroconceito, a consultancy and agricultural technical support company.

The Regional Secretariat for Agriculture and Rural Development is one of the departments of the Regional Government of Madeira, with responsibilities in the sectors of agriculture, livestock, veterinary, rural development to support farmers and in the management of community agricultural funds.

A Universidade da Madeira (UMa) existe desde 1988. Em 1990/91 assistiu aos primeiros passos dados por grande parte dos cursos desta Universidade, como a Biologia, a Física, a Matemática, a Química e as Línguas e Literaturas Modernas.

O Banco de Germoplasma, ISOPlexis é uma Unidade de Investigação da Universidade da Madeira, criada em 1996, com o objetivo de desenvolver estudos fundamentais e/ou aplicados na área dos Recursos Genéticos e Biotecnologia, dedicando-se ao estudo da agrodiversidade, recursos genéticos e agrosistemas.

ESAC - Escola Superior Agrária de Coimbra is a school that is part of the Polytechnic Institute of Coimbra, oriented towards the pursuit of polytechnic higher education objectives in the field of agricultural sciences and engineering, technologies and the like. It offers training in a wide range of scientific areas covering agricultural and animal production, rural development, forestry, biotechnology, environmental protection management and technology and the food industries.

Agroconceito is a company that aims to support, develop and promote sustainable agricultural production methods, in order to achieve an economic, environmental and socially responsible activity. It has a diversified client portfolio in the scope of consultancy and technical support in the assessment, implementation and monitoring of agricultural activity, as well as agricultural certification (integrated production, organic farming, GLOBAL GAP and Greening).

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