PRODERAM has open applications for support for the construction and repair of walls and for the implementation of crop protection against protected species

In January 4th to February 4th, 2022, applications for support from the PRODERA 2020 for Submeasure 4.4: Support for non-productive investments: related to the achievement of objectives in terms of agro-environment and climate

  • Action 4.4.1 Intervention on walls incorporating exposed stone aims to provide flat-rate aid for the stone wall construction and repair rigged, mortared or not, and for the minimization of the visual impact of concrete earth support walls See Notice 1 2022
  • Action 4.4.2 Crop protection systems against protected species also aims to assign a flat rate help for the installation of crop protection systems against protected species, namely the exchange pigeon. See Notice 2 2022

Farmers in the Autonomous Region of Madeira can submit their application to the PROPEDRAM 2020 Management Authority, at Rua do Aljube, no. 49, in Funchal, until 16:30 on 4 February.

Originally published in PRODERAM.


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