The Government yesterday approved more measures to mitigate the effects of the drought

There are also the following 11 measures:
i) Adopt measures to protect water bodies to lessen the effects of burned areas;
In municipalities supplied by critical systems:
ii) Extend the possibility of using the dead volume in the reservoirs for priority uses in the municipalities supplied by critical systems;
iii) Review the titles for the use of water resources for the discharge of wastewater to continue to guarantee water quality in municipalities supplied by critical systems and in hydrographic basins with storage below 20% of capacity;
iv) Financing, through the Environmental Fund, the installation of faucets that reduce consumption in public fountains, public buildings, including schools, hospitals, sports venues, among others, and flow reducers for faucets for the population;
v) Recommend the installation of meters by managing entities, with a view to promoting a reduction in the volume of unbilled water;
vi) Recommend tariff increases for large domestic users during the dry season. Large consumer recommendation: from the 3rd level 15 m3 or more);
vii) Recommend to municipalities that they apply measures to temporarily suspend non-essential uses of mains water, namely washing streets, patios and containers, watering gardens and green spaces, refilling swimming pools, decorative fountains and activities with large consumption of water ;
viii) Recommend the definition of penalties for improper use of water from the public network;
ix) Recommend agricultural irrigation at night.
In municipalities supplied by critical systems and hydrographic basins with storage of less than 20% of the capacity
x) Review of titles for the use of water resources for water abstraction, depending on water availability.
In the industrial sector:
xi) Promoting the increase in consumption efficiency projects and the reduction of distribution losses.