Find seasonal fruits and vegetables across Europe.

What are the seasonal fruits and vegetables that we can consume throughout the 12 months of the year?

The European Food Information Council has created a pioneering tool for us to explore and follow a more sustainable diet.

Explore the Interactive map of the seasonality of fruits and vegetables in Europe!

At the Map six climate regions in Europe are represented. Each climate region represents the average weather conditions in the region over a long period of time. As different types of fruits and vegetables grow better in different climates, we can see that some fruits and vegetables are in season in some countries, while not in others.

Fruit and vegetable lists may not be comprehensive and may vary depending on climate change or where you live or are.

The information consulted results from a combination of several European national sources. If you would like to collaborate with any further information, please contact

We may not all be consuming the same throughout Europe, but if we choose seasonal products we are all moving towards better sustainability!

Source: eufic