Application for exclusion from the self-employed workers regime - year 2021

Farmers and holders of rights over agricultural holdings or similar, whose products are intended for their own and family consumption, who wish to submit an application for exclusion from the self-employed regime must follow the procedures set out in the Practical Guide “New Regime for Independent Workers”, made available on List of Practical Guides on the site of Social Security, using for this purpose the model RV1027-DGSS.

The communication of the amounts of subsidies or subsidies, within the scope of the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP), regarding the previous calendar year, will be made by IFAP directly to Social Security, after delivery of the forms (model RV1027-DGSS) in the Farmers' Organizations or us Social Security Services.

Proof of the amounts received refer to farmers who have received subsidies or subsidies awarded under the Common Agricultural Policy, whose gross annual amount were less than 4 times the Social Support Index (IAS) (€1,755.24 for the year 2021) and do not have any other type of income likely to be covered by the self-employed regime.

Source: IFAP